Client Testimonials

From Happy Students

Thank you for your presentation to the Goleta Business Forum. We look for informative, interesting and ispiring speakers. You delivered on all counts.


Judy Pirkowitsch

American Express

We have used various trainers and I can say that your approach and technique to the system of selling in the auto industry is probably the best that I’ve seen in our dealership.


Ian Hovey

Toyota of North Hollywood
I’m proud to say that since the beginning of the year, I’ve been averaging $7,000 per month in new car sales commissions, which is beyond my expectations for my first year, especially since I’ve never sold cars before. Again I thank you very much.

Mike Tjong

Peyton Cramer Ford

It was a pleasure attending your Conversational Selling Program. What made it so great was not only all the valuable information you showed us but all the fun we had learning it. Thanks very much and we all are looking forward to our next program.


Maryann Davis

Infiniti of Santa Monica

I just wanted to let you know that I used what we learned in your course on one of my customers who was in need of a cellular phone. To my surprise it was the easiest sale I have encountered and my customer was very content. He has sent me 3 referrals. Thanks.


Al Campbell

Global Cellular

Every session has been informative and interesting. You certainly know how to present information in an exciting format that is easy to understand.


Marc Chytilo

Environmental Defense Center
The day following your presentation a student’s mother came into my office and demanded, “Who was yesterday’s speaker?!”. Her tone set me back a little but as she explained, I was relieved. Evidently, her son never shares anything about school but came home excited to detail everything about your talk and what it meant to him. She was very grateful. I heard several other favorable reviews also. Thanks for your time and energy.

David Boyle

Middle School Principal

I recently completed your Conversational Selling Program training sessions. Over the years I have attended many training seminars and rate your course as the best. I was concerned that it might be a waste of my time. When I went, about 75% of the material was new with good ideas that I could put into action. I feel that there is a lot of hype out there and programs that just aren’t realistic. This is realistic. Something you can sink your teeth into. Things that I can do on a continuous basis.


Carl D. Ward

Again, thank you for the training. I really appreciate what I took from your course and apply to my daily life situations.

Chad Church

Unicor Funding, Inc.
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